NYCFC To Spend Part of Pre-Season in Jacksonville

New York City FC, an MLS expansion team, announced their pre-season plans back in December. Their pre-season includes trips to England and a friendly tournament in South Carolina.

But all of that stuff is un-important.

In the release (and overlooked until a fellow Armada fan noticed earlier today) is news that the team will be training in Jacksonville. They will be at Patton Park from January 24th to February 6th. In the release, NYCFC Manager Jason Kreis said, “The training camp in Florida will be vital in determining the condition of the squad, getting to know one another both on and off the field, and bringing us up to the fitness levels required to take part in high level football matches.”

The timing and location of their camp would imply that there will be some joint training going on between NYCFC and the Armada. As many of you know, the first Armada FC match is February 7th, against the Philadelphia Union. Some time in training with another MLS team will help the Armada in that match and hopefully lead to a win at Everbank Field.

This is a small reminder that Jacksonville, as a city, is starting to hit the radar nationally, and although this doesn’t amount to much, it’s still cool to see a connection like this. The odds of an open training session are fairly small, but seeing a team with top MLS players and coaches in training would also be fairly interesting.

Just don’t expect to see Frank Lampard around the training grounds.

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