Your Armada Season Tickets Are Coming Soonish

Good news, Armada fans. You’ll be able to get your hands on your season tickets in just a few weeks time.

Every now and then, I check through Twitter accounts of team officials, just to see if there’s any news that might be hidden away in them. The search paid off this morning as I found several tweets, from Club President Steve Livingston, that provide a general outline of when season tickets can be expected.

The first bit of information is that tickets for the Philadelphia Union match will be arriving by email this week. The first match in club history is twenty-five days from now. It’s all starting to feel so real now, isn’t it?

Steve continued his reply in a following tweet, saying that season ticket books will be mailed to fans starting in February. That’s cool, but even cooler is the bonus that comes along with it. Every season ticket package will include a commemorative inaugural ticket. I’m assuming it will be suitable for framing.

His final tweet is the best of the bunch, though. If you signed up for the Charter Crew, a three year commitment that locks your cost at the current price, not only will you have your name engraved in the new stadium, but you will also receive some other awesome items. Charter Crew members will get a commemorative box that includes a coin and a plank (probably not big enough to walk off of).

This is just a general outlook of what you can expect from your season ticket packages. The team tweeted that more information will come this week, so keep an eye out for that.

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