BREAKING: The Attendance Record, Probably

#SetTheRecordJAX seems to be working.

The Armada began their #SetTheRecordJAX campaign about two weeks ago, announcing their intentions to break the modern NASL attendance record of 14,593, set by Ottawa Fury FC last year. Considering that the team drew 13,934 to their first pre-season match, it looked like an easy bar to jump over.

And looks weren’t deceiving at all. I reached out to a club official and asked for an estimate of the number of tickets sold so far, and I was fairly surprised to see “Just over 13,000” as the response.

This isn’t to say that I didn’t think Jacksonville could break the record. I just assumed that it would be broken by day-of walkup sales. Jacksonville is a walkup town, which basically means that we buy a ton of tickets at the gate. In a story on, club President Steve Livingstone stated that there were 5,000 tickets sold on the day of the Philadelphia friendly that just under 14,000 attended.

If that trend holds true, we could be experiencing a crowd of more than 18,000 on hand Saturday evening for the Armada’s first ever competitive match. If I had to guess, I would put the final number somewhere between 16-17,000.

This is just another piece of evidence that proves how successful the Armada will be in Jacksonville.

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