Help Wanted: Apply Within

So I’ve realized something this preseason. It’s basically impossible to attend a game and have a good post-match report out in an adequate time frame. 

That’s no good! I want Flagship Footy to give you guys premier coverage of Jacskonville-area soccer, and that can’t happen without simple post-match reports.

So I need some help with it.

I need somebody who won’t be at the games to write match reports for Flagship Footy. Whether you’re out of market or just can’t be at the stadium for any reason. It’s pretty easy, it’s just impossible for me to do (until I get a press pass, *cough*).

If you can only do this weekend, awesome! If you think you can do every home game report, even better! If that second option is you, then we’ll set you up so you can write other pieces #OnHere too.

If you’re interested just drop me a line, preferably on twitter @FlagshipFooty (or @KyleMack13), or email FlagshipFooty @ yahoo.

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