Armada vs FC Edmonton Preview

Matchday One has finally arrived and with it comes a huge party called the CanDoo Festival. Some band named O.A.R. is playing, and the Section 904 tailgate is being catered by Seabest Seafood and various other food establishments.

In other words, it’s going to be a big time.

All of that starts at Noon at Memorial Park, while the match starts at 7:30. The weather is attempting to tread on us, so bring your ponchos and your Gadsden Flags and #SetTheRecordJAX. Match coverage starts at 7:00 on CW17 and 7:30 on ESPN3, but if you live in town, you really should be at Everbank Field tonight.

So with all of the introductory notes out of the way, here are three things I’m looking for tonight.

1. #SetTheRecordJAX

The marketing campaign has been quite successful, with word going around currently that the team only needs to sell around 1,000 walk-up tickets in order to break the modern NASL attendance record. The only hope is that the forecasted rain storms don’t dissuade fans from attending.

2. Are the coaches finished experimenting?

Simon expressed his concern on this week’s episode of the Armada Breakfast Club Podcast, and I’m echoing them here. Is the experimenting over, or will we see the coaches moving players around and toying with formations for the next several weeks? Hopefully that’s all done and the team/system we see today has been locked in.

3. Who lifts the Curse of the Kraken?

The Armada have yet to score against a professional team since the kraken made that fateful debut at halftime of the match against the Strikers at Community First Park. Who will break the curse and also earn the honor of being the first Armada player to score in a competitive match? Easy money is on Algassane Keita, but I’m going with Tommy Krizanovic. He’s the hero Jacksonville deserves, but not the one it needs rights now.

See you guys at Everbank Field!

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