Guillermo Hoyos Extends His Contract

Clayton Freeman of the Florida Times-Union is reporting that head coach Gillermo Hoyos and the Armada have agreed to a contract extension through 2019. Freeman tweeted his report earlier this morning.  


It is understandable that Hoyos would be offered a contract extension. He was probably on a one year deal similar to Villareal, and he has at least earned an extension of that.

He has shown he has what it takes to make good decisions regarding tactics and substitutes. The stretch of games between Minnesota and Ottawa, however, show that he still has some links to work out. To be fair, that stretch of games did include Alhassane Keita’s injury that tied his hands a bit. 

As far as the length of contract goes, 2019 is a long way away, and if the situation arises where the club would want to part ways, the length could make the cost of buying his contract prohibitive. Who knows, maybe now that he doesn’t have a short contract, Hoyos will stop using short corners.

Don’t get your hopes up though.

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