Hoyos Out, Dario Too

It seems that the impotent 2-0 loss in Fort Lauderdale was the final straw for Armada owner Mark Frisch, as he has decided to pull the plug on Guillermo Hoyos and GM Dario Sala’s tenures in Jacksonville.
Hoyos has shown time and again that he isn’t the one for the job in Jacksonville. His refusal to play younger, more talented players bordered on ridiculous, and his waffling on which goalie to play (The correct answer is David Sierra) was terrible. The team has been shut out in 8 out of 13 games during the fall season, and although he just signed a four year contract extension, it was becoming evident that the situation in Jacksonville just wasn’t working out for the manager.
The firing of Dario Sala does come as a bit of surprise, but he failed to build a team; instead putting together a bunch of individuals who are talented, without a doubt, but they don’t work together. The hiring of Guillermo Hoyos falls directly on his shoulders, and that has obviously turned out to be a bad decision.
All in all, this is a great move by Mark. It was obvious that Hoyos and company weren’t getting the job done, and something needed to change. Eric Dade has been named as interim manager with the hope that he will be able to salvage something from the season, but the most likely scenario still results in a last-placed finish for the club.
It’s back to square one for the expansion side, as this move will result in a bit of turnover during the offseason, especially with the number of Argentine players that were Hoyos/Dario connections.

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