Armada To Host Orlando City and NYRB

UPDATE TWO: The Armada have announced the friendlies reported below. Even though the club official told me they were “inaccurate”, I always figured it was an accidental leak on the part of the club. The clubs were just too specific for it to be routine maintenance.

UPDATE ONE: Time for the proverbial grain of salt. I spoke to an official from the team and he tells me that this portion of the site was undergoing routine maintenance in preparation for the upcoming season. I was told these dates and teams were just placeholders, so the information included here is most likely INACCURATE. I do, however, want to leave the original article up so you guys don’t follow dead links (and so you can mock me if this turns out to be incorrect). Just keep in mind that what you’re reading below has been said to be inaccurate from an official within the organization.
The team will be releasing official pre-season dates and matches in the coming days.


It seems that whoever was in charge of updating the “My Orders and Payments” page in your STH Account Manager site hit a button a few days too early. If you are a Season Ticket Holder (at the moment, it looks like this is only showing for Charter Crew members), log in and you can see that the Armada have home matches scheduled against Orlando City SC and the New York Red Bulls.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 19.27.02

The team will play against Orlando City on February 13th. The match will be a landmark match for the club, as it is the first time the Armada will be matched up against their in-state MLS rivals. Supporters on both sides have been eager to see this match, and there is no doubt that the match carries more meaning to it than a normal pre-season match.

The other friendly shown on the page is a friendly against the New York Red Bulls. NYRB is a premier club in MLS, and the match will be another opportunity for the Armada to show off against First Division opposition. The friendly is scheduled for February 27th, which carries the implication of an away friendly on 20th.

The announcements are scheduled to be made official later this week, so get those tweets going and start the trash talk.

What a way to re-launch this flagship, eh?

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