Armada FC Announces MLS Friendlies

The Armada have officially announced matches against Orlando City and New York Red Bulls today. This announcement comes less than two days after the club accidentally posted the match info in Season Ticket Holder’s ticket portal.

The leak is understandable. The announcement was originally going to be made on Wednesday, and the information was most likely timed to go live at that moment. Orlando City pushed the announcement to today, however (probably due to yesterday’s release of the MLS regular season schedule), so the club was forced to change plans and the STH ticket portal probably got lost in the details.

As mentioned in the article about the leak, the OCSC match is more than just another inter-league friendly. It will carry bragging rights for the winning supporters, especially since these type friendlies don’t happen every year.

The NYRB match is another good opportunity for the club. The Red Bulls are a premier club in the country, and should – it is a pre-season match – test the Armada quite a bit.

Altogether, it’s an exciting slate of matches. Armada fans would be wise to join in on the fun.

Especially against Orlando City.

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