Armada Announce Matt Fondy Acquisition

Three weeks ago, I pushed a strong (according to our source, it was a 95% sure thing) rumor out that the Armada we’re going to sign Matt Fondy, last season’s USL MVP and Golden Boot winner. Admittedly, I should have worded it a bit better and made it more clear that it was coming from a source and I wasn’t making it up, but it is what it is.

Today, the Armada have announced that acquisition of Matt Fondy, a true #9 forward who scores with consistency.

The club clearly missed a player like Fondy last season. He’s a finisher. He will be the real target man in the middle.

Fondy is just another addition to a roster than has improved tremendously since the end of the 2015 season, or at least it has on paper. Owner Mark Frisch and new manager Tony Meola have clearly set the bar high for the year, and the investments they have been making seem to be good ones.

So get excited.

More info about Matt Fondy can be found in the original write-up about his acquisition.

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