The Villages Fielded An Ineligible Player Against Charleston

UPDATE (CUPDATE?!): The Kraze can’t file a grievance because it must be done the day following a match.

CUPDATE 2: The Villages have been disqualified from the Open Cup. The Armada will host the Charleston Battery on June 1st.

Original Post: 

The Mighty Buffalo of The Villages SC might be disqualified from the US Open Cup for fielding an ineligible player in their win over the Charleston Battery. 

The player in question is forward Paulo Vaz, who had previously plays for Boca Raton FC in qualifying rounds. Open Cup rules state that a player may only play for one club in a single tournament, including any qualifying rounds.

Vaz started for The Villages against Charleston, but he also came on as a sub against the Kraze in the round prior. It now falls on the opposing clubs to file grievances to US Soccer. Charleston will no doubt do so, but it remains to be seen if the Kraze will file as well.

Should The Villages be disqualified, the Armada will play host to Charleston on June 1st at JU. If the Kraze also file a grievance, Charleston might be forced to play another second round match – This time against the Kraze. Either way, this will be resolved in the coming days and we’ll update accordingly.

Hat tip to Dirty South Soccer for catching this.

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