So That Happened: Armada Rue Missed Chances Again

The Armada and Fury played a scoreless draw for 88 minutes, but several key missed chances and another goalkeeping error sent the Armada back to Jacksonville with a 1-0 loss. 

Jacksonville once again possessed the ball in higher numbers than their opposition, but failed to convert that into anything significant. The Armada goal drought will continue on, now stretching for a little over four and a half games. 

Overall, the team played well and probably deserved a point on the day. They were much more consistent in possession, handled defensive responsibilities quickly, and owned the midfield. It wasn’t enough, however, as a goalkeeping blunder from Miggy Gallardo handed Ottawa all three points.

The first was basically the same as every other first half the Armada have played this season. They possessed the ball in high numbers, doing well to test Peiser and the Ottawa defense. The team simply lacks somebody who can consistently put shots on target. The biggest chance in the half came when JJ crossed the ball in for Keita who *just* missed getting a head to the ball. The miss meant the whistle sounded to a halftime score line of 0-0.

The second half was more of the same. High possession, few shots on goal, and missed chances all worked to frustrate the Armada and their supporters. Matt Fondy subbed on in the 67th minute and made a fairly immediate impact on the game. He’ll be having flashbacks to Minnesota though, as he yet again sent an open attempt wide to the left of the goal. He is yet to score a competitive goal for the club.

The Fury struck in the 88th minute. It was Marcel De Jong who played the hero as his shot from the side of the box bounced off of Miggy’s hands and into the back of the net. 

Miggy had been playing well. He made several great saves to keep the score line 0-0 in the second half, but no doubt disappointed everybody with another blunder between the sticks. 

Junior Sandoval was the best Armada player on the day. He controlled the midfield and pulled all the right strings from his CAM position. He was strangely substituted after about an hour of game time, but that might have been a holdover from his injury in the match against Minnesota.

All in all, it was typical fair from the Armada – High possession, few shots on target, a couple of missed chances, and a mistake leading to an opposition goal.

Tony Meola and company have another chance to right the ship on 5/28, this time at home against the unbeaten Indy Eleven.

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