Watch the Jacksonville Armada Intra-Squad Scrimmage

By Logan Alexander

Did you miss the match on Saturday? Don’t worry, we have you covered. The intrasquad scrimmage that was played consisted of two 20 minutes halves, all captured on video by one Section 904 and Armada supporter, Chavella Rochelle. Thank you to her for providing us the content of this preseason tune up, especially since not many people were there! Read below for further information…

No one broadcasted the scrimmage, even the Armada twitter did not have updates throughout the game, so configuring the teams was not an easy task. It is difficult to differentiate who is who, but you may hear murmurs through the crowd whenever one of the players is on the ball. Also, watch your audio, Section 904 is chanting the whole time! There were many trialists on the field for the scrimmage but the players we do know of were on the following teams.

White Team: Danny Barrow(RW), Kalen Ryden(CB), Peabo Doue(LB), Jonathan Glenn(ST), Caleb Patterson-Sewell(GK), Nicklas Maripuu(CDM), Jemal Johnson(LW), Bryam Rebellon(CAM),Trialist(RB), Trialist(CB), Trialist(CM).

Blue Team: Aaron Pitchkolan(CB), Kevan George(CDM), Zach Steinberger(CAM), Derek Gebhard(ST), J.C. Banks(CM), Drew Beckie(RB), Michael O’Sullivan(CB), Trialist(GK), Trialist(CM), Trialist(RW), Trialist(LW).

Mechak Jerome did not play, he is injured.

Charles Eloundou did not play,and there was no reason given.He is not injured, but he was at the match.

Jack Blake is currently not in camp at the moment.

Derek Gebhard scored two goals for the blue team, Zach Steinberger scored a penalty kick and assisted in one of Gebhard’s goals. On the white team, a trials scored the first goal of the match.

First Half

Second Half






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  1. You are embarrassing the Armada name! Please quit bashing other clubs like Atlanta and Tampa. You look like a douchebag!!! You are acting like a spoil rotten kid but you did go to a private school. You were a hack player in high school. A cry baby!!
    By the way, your friend Kyle Mac was a team manager for Trinity Baptist University. He wasn’t a player on the team.


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