JC Banks is Bae: Part Two

Kyle and Logie back in studio to warm up the Hot Take Machine.

Part One:


SF Deltas chat

NASL TV Blunder

Cosmos Review

Listener Questions

Part Two:

NCFC Preview

Week 6 Predictions

Predictions –

– Points total: Logan 7 – 3 Kyle

  • PRFC – NCFC 2-2 (Kyle): 2-2 (Logie)
  • MIA – EDM 3-1 (Kyle): 2-0 (Logie)
  • SFD – NYC 1-2 (Kyle): 2-1 (Logie)
  • JAX – IND 1-2 (Kyle): 2-1 (Logie)

Bold City Soccer Show is hosted by Kyle MacNaughton and Logan Alexander. The show is produced by The One True Karl.

Follow the tweets:

Kyle: @KyleMack13

Logan: @ItsLogie

FlagshipFooty: @FlagshipFooty

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