Thursday Q&A: We Need Goals, Optimism, Upcoming Match Weekend

In fact, I was not planning on making this series of articles a permanent addition to the rotation, though many people enjoyed last week. So, here we are.

Davey (@DaveyHazard) – Q: Eloundou was a game changer in NY and Glenn continues to not show up for us. Should (Mark) Lowry stick to continuity or shift his faith elsewhere?

It seems as if I am the only fan of Jonathan Glenn and the only to contain a trust in him, and I’m not sure why. He brings all of the elements to the position in which he plays. Big, which allows him to hold up the ball well. Fairly tall, for winning headers obviously. He certainly has a decent amount of pace, or burst, though he is not the fastest. Lastly, if you saw in pre-season, he can strike a ball. Four matches into the season and we still have not seen the full effect of Glenn. For one, he has not received the support in attack that he should be getting, but every game that passes, the attack looks to grow more and more. But, we have to blame him a little bit. This is a slump, and he is a goalscorer that scores loads of goals continuously after he gets his first. This is not the first year he has started slow, as there were slow times in Europe for him, and he picked up the pace with 25 goals in 55 starts in Iceland. Glenn has had opportunities that have passed by, don’t get me wrong, but I think we stick to continuity for now. We can properly assess Glenn after the May 6th match at home to New York Cosmos I feel, but right now is not the time to call for a switch up in attack. Charles Eloundou was not fit against Charlotte during the last week of the pre-season, and during the first weeks of the regular season he was left off of the roster. Eloundou is growing each week and it will not be long until he features in the Starting XI, especially if the attack continues to lack. I firmly believe in sticking to what is working, because we have eight points in four matches, and we are top of the league. Defensively we are sound, we need to pull the strings in the attack, and I think that second half against NYC displays the potential in skill from our starting forwards.

Ian (@ianfergusson) – Q:Are Indy 11: A shower o’wally-waggling numpties (wally rhymes with Sally), a load o’ lavvy-licking middens, a bunch o’ boggin’ bampots?

Umm. I have no clue what this means at all, but yes, yes they are. I also hate Justin Braun. Come on you boys in blue!

Kevin (@Kevin_T_K) – Q: Thoughts on @IndyEleven Adidas kit deal?

They deserve it. The club worked hard to get the deal done and the fan base has shown amazing support to be able to make these plans a reality. Though, one hot take for you. In their first match with Adidas kits, they will lose to Jacksonville, book it.

Ryan (@kiserstallings) – Q: Will (Jonathan) Glenn score a goal for @ItsLogie this Saturday?

I sure hope so, to get the hate off of his back. But with hope, I am confident he will. Big forwards in the league have had their way with the Indy Eleven center back duo this year, most notably Hector Ramos from Puerto Rico FC, who scored two goals at Indianapolis during the second week of the season. A roster of talent has not shown up this season, and that is due to the fact that the defense has played with little to no ferocity. Kwame Watson-Siriboe and Colin Falvey have looked weak when defending big center forwards and they are the worst defensive team that Armada will face so far this season. With a confident Jacksonville team in first place matching up against an Indiana side who has drawn four out of their four games, Jacksonville has the upper hand and I would not be surprised if they start out of the gates swinging on Saturday night. The attack shaped up very well through Jack Blake, J.C. Banks, and Zach Steinberger during the second half of the 1-1 draw with Cosmos, and I think with that intensity and urge going forward, Glenn will mark his first of the season.

Olindo (@OlindoFL) – Q: What was the Cosmos attendance really, in your opinion? Supposedly 3600 but looked empty on TV.

Rain hit New York City all day, though it wasn’t a downpour, it was still windy, rainy, and kind of chilly. Of course, those conditions would push people away from a night out at a match. The 3,600 announced attendance was through tickets bought, as there really were not many people there. Like the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville situation, there were plenty of people standing under the roof on the walkway above the sections in the stadium. I can’t give an exact estimate but it did not even feel like 2.5k. There were so many empty seats, quite the shame.

Josh (@JaxJosh904) Q: On away weekends, I’m not always near a TV during the match. How many more times NASL gonna leave me with no replays like they did Saturday?

The last away Spring Season match on beIN Sports for Jacksonville is May 13 at North Carolina FC!

(@B_renton) Q: So I started the year with home many away wins will we have. Follow up: How many will we lose on the road this season?

Hahaha. My man. I honestly have no clue on how many we are going to lose on the road. BUT, with that being said I think our first away match where we do not get a result will be June 17th against Miami FC. More to come on that match in the future.

Amy(@AMYADKINS52) – Q: Do you think armada will pull ahead in points after this match?

I think we will continue our advancement in points and further our lead in the North American Soccer League. Look, Indy has been slumping and started the year off poorly. After a huge result away to New York, the morale of this Jacksonville team is at an all time high (I saw firsthand), and the boys are raring to go on Saturday night. This will be one of the toughest tests this season if you compare the Indy roster and the amount of experience they have in their side, though at the moment I think Jacksonville is unstoppable, and I hope this run of form continues. Mentally, we are in the best position to defeat Indianapolis, we just need to produce on the pitch.

Chavella – Q: When will DG (Derek Gebhard) get more than 15 minutes? He’s good for at least 30-60.

Derek Gebhard still has not proved to be effective in front of the net, even if he gets in those situations. What happens if we get the best opportunities of the match played to Gebhard and he cannot deliver like Glenn might be able to? Glenn is proven to score, Gebhard is not, and until DG can prove he is capable of being a goalscorer, I firmly believe he is fine to come off of the bench during the last 15-20 minutes. Derek G has got to score goals or at least create dangerous chances in the time he receives on the field, and right now I am not convinced of him, unfortunately. With only two shots in 60 minutes of match time this season, zero goals and zero assists, the player needs time to improve and first, take opportunities.

Right now, playing the 21-year old striker in these highly intense matches to start the year for more time than he is being given, there is no sign saying that he is capable of putting the ball into the back of the net. The only positivity gained from playing Gebhard at the moment is his pace. But also, the rest of the attack needs to play better as well, the same situation as Glenn. It starts with the service underneath the striker and from the wings. Both Glenn and Gebhard have not received many chances due to the lack of going forward in attack. Both parties are at fault. Service has got to improve, and with that, goals need to be scored. That is the only way I give Gebhard more minutes and possibly even starts, unless Glenn absolutely crashes out of the Starting XI. Goals, goals, goals.

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